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Choosing the right meat at the butcher's

Bib, rib steak, rib steak, sirloin, shank and tongue.... Not always easy to choose your bit... Not always easy to know which pieces of beef to choose to receive. More informations : . While beef offers about twenty bites to satisfy all tastes and cuisines, only four strains share the world market for its size. More information on the site: The juicy, lean, tender and very tasty Charolais, which constitutes 40% of the herd of meat strains, the Salers slightly sweeter than other varieties, very juicy and renowned for its incomparable taste due to the persistence of its flesh, the most Aubrac which generates a high quality meat, coloured and tasty with the limousine which offers tender, fine, lean and delicious meat.

Why eat beef?

Beef is a red meat that could be part of a healthy diet. It includes vitamins (especially B vitamins) and many minerals in massive amounts (potassium, selenium, iron, aluminum). People who do not eat beef or other red meats should pay particular attention to the daily integration of meat substitutes into their diet to ensure that their dependence on these different vitamins and minerals is satisfied. Do not hesitate to contact a meat trader for more information. According to nutrition professionals, red meat is only one of the pillars of an athlete's balanced diet. The specialists have put forward solid arguments. Nutritionists consider meat as a food rich in nutritional supplements. It includes nutrients for the development of each person's body. Red meat is therefore vital for maintaining the body.

The job of butcher

The beef specialist is a craftsman whose know-how is part of a long gastronomic tradition. A passionate profession, its crucial mission is to offer meat with a constant concern for excellence and flavour. It is recommended to visit your butcher shop to consume high quality meat.

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